Crafting Spell-Binding Premium Joomla VirtueMart Templates To Offer Your Ecommerce Shop A Professional Look

VirtueMart is one of the most popular Joomla extensions that helps one create feature-rich online stores in quick time. At GetXHTML, we are specialists at crafting unique Joomla VirtueMart Templates as per different online marketing needs. We are professional Website Template India providers, having years of experience in designing, developing, & customizing themes for different kinds of web-based businesses. Our team consists of experienced template designers who use latest technologies to carve VirtueMart themes/skins.

We even specialize in offering Premium VirtueMart Theme Design solutions depending on the exclusive requirements of your e-business. The Ecommerce Templates offered by us are designed using the best programming practices and coding standards. What’s more, we even integrate powerful custom modules to add unique features to your online store. These templates are 100% search engine friendly allowing you to boost the page rankings of your VirtueMart based ecommerce site.

Features of our best VirtueMart templates

  • Compatible with multiple browsers
  • Easy to edit and customize from the admin panel
  • Well-designed navigation using breadcrumbs, layout and customized design
  • Integrated with Shop Now Button with checkout process
  • Best colour schemes, background, texture and overall appeal
  • Multi-lingual, 100% bug – free
  • Image magnifier, brilliant menu effects
  • Compatible with multiple Joomla versions
  • Drop down menus and custom module CSS styles
  • Slideshow with text captions
  • 100% tableless CSS with option to change the width of overall template
  • Different collapsible module positions
  • Manufacture logo system with Manufacturer search & filter
  • Integrated with custom modules and components
  • Showcase product information with technical details including shipping information
  • AJAX based notice box
  • LightBox effects for product display
  • Integrated with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Newsletter subscription and community polls

Why use VirtueMart themes and templates?

VirtueMart themes are crucial for the success of your online store. The themes impart a unique look to your store which in turn helps you attract more number of visitors. Further, VirtueMart templates also help improve your conversion rates because of the increased traffic. VirtueMart, as an e-commerce platform, allows online merchants to have a complete control over the look and feel of their online stores. One can change the look of the store from both products as well as category level. With this you can further enhance your marketing campaigns. In case you want to have a custom page for every individual product, you can do that too. Thanks to the power of VirtueMart themes.

The most interesting part is that you can have multiple VirtueMart themes for your online store. You can have a standard theme and temporary themes which can be switched based on different requirements. This helps greatly in online branding of your store. It offers your customers a personalized experience helping you improve the brand visibility. Next, specialized VirtueMart templates make the browsing experience more interactive and dynamic allowing you to convert browsers into loyal customers.

Our expertise lies in crafting the following types of VirtueMart templates:

  • VirtueMart e-commerce templates
  • VirtueMart furniture templates
  • VirtueMart fashion templates
  • VirtueMart travel templates
  • VirtueMart electronic store templates
  • VirtueMart beauty store templates
  • VirtueMart business templates
  • VirtueMart jewellery templates
  • VirtueMart pet store templates
  • VirtueMart medical templates
  • VirtueMart mobile templates
  • And lot more….