Jul 18, 2013
Transformation of PSD into strong HTML language plays very important role in order to produce an extremely semantic and cross browser compatible and W3C validated site in an efficient manner. Website developers create templates in layers which are saved in various PSD formats. Semantic coding implies that you mark up your website taking into account content meaning and HTML tag semantics. These PSD files are images saved in PSD Photoshop format. PSD files can sometimes be a difficult proposition to deal with so these images that have been saved in the PSD Photoshop file format. Web developers design web templates in layers and save
Dec 20, 2012
Businesses need to have stylish & elegant websites in order to woo their target customers. The online world is full of websites that promise to deliver unmatched values to their customers. However, not every website, reaches its target audience. With PSD Conversion Services, owners to expect to set up a lasting online brand identities for their business on the virtual platform. Plus, with technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets in place, business owners can definitely establish a winning web presence in quick time. CSS is a technology that helps designers separate content from presentation elements. As a result, you get complete control
Dec 14, 2012
Christmas is tapping doors. Open it and expose yourself to the chilling brushes of freshness and novelty. It’s time to bid a goodbye to the yester year and greet the year to come with a grand applause and celebration. Let us all wish that this Christmas, new foundations are laid to businesses and prosperity just streams in our lives. We, GetXHTML take this auspicious opportunity to wish health, well being and prosperity to all our clients. we have been in this profession since years together and now enhance our presence amongst our present and future clientele with improved services and offering. This newness is sure to add a scent of
Nov 16, 2011
PSD to Magento Conversion Services will allow you to have beautiful and customized online stores and e-commerce websites for your business. Make sure that you hire an experienced PSD conversion services provider for this as the success of your store will depend on the PSD slicing. PSD is basically a Photoshop document that needs to be converted into a valid markup. With the help of these services you can have stores and websites that are SEO friendly, cross browser compatible, have consistent look across platforms and impeccable. What are the advantages of Magento platform? You can have multiple magento websites for your business and
Nov 16, 2011
Magento is a great e-commerce platform meant for building online stores and shopping carts. Websites built in magento are extremely smooth to handle. Most online merchants prefer their websites to be built in this wonder package so that the websites can be easily maintained and looked after. One can take the advantage of Magento’s multi-store functionality to create multiple sites, and with the Enterprise Edition one can restrict access roles so that staff views only the data for the stores relevant to them. It also allows customers to purchase physical and virtual gift certificates/cards. Customers can include a personal message when
Nov 1, 2011
If you are about to start your online business and want to have a unique online shop then PSD to Magento Conversion Services are a must for you. The conversion service will help you in having a great online store. PSD Conversion services have become immensely popular nowadays because of the many advantages they provide. PSD to Magento Conversion services impart a stunning look to online stores. Now with competition touching new heights, it is indispensable for websites to be SEO friendly. PSD to magento services enable a website to get a higher search engine ranking. These conversion services are W3C validated and hand coded. PSD
Oct 20, 2011
Oscommerce is a renowned e-commerce solution used for building online shopping carts. This software is open source and is released under the GNU General Public License. Oscommerce was launched in 2000 and since then thousands of online stores across the world are powered by it. PSD to Oscommerce Conversion services to have a unique e-commerce store development solution that will impart a novel shopping experience to your customers. Online merchants can customize this software for their diverse business requirements. The most wonderful thing about this software is that it is backed by an active community where members help one another out
Oct 20, 2011
PSD Magento Conversion services are a must in order to survive in the highly competitive online business world. Magento has emerged as one of the best and fastest growing e-commerce platforms. It is considered an apt solution for online merchants wanting a complete package for online store development. This software gives online store owners unbelievable flexibility and customization possibilities. What are PSD to Magento Conversion Services? A PSD file cannot be accessed on the internet so it needs to be converted. By converting PSD files into Magento themes, you can have the most unique and customized e-commerce website for your online
Oct 20, 2011
We are a prominent Web Development Company specializing in Joomla Development and Customization. As a part of our services, we also offer PSD to Joomla Template Conversion Services. Our Joomla Developers have profound knowledge of Joomla and they have built various dynamic website using Joomla. The built-in design that incorporates a Joomla system is known as Template. It is possible to convert any PSD or a JPG file into a Joomla template. Our PSD to Joomla Template conversion services are browser compatible, W3C compliant and have flexible module positions. We convert design to high quality, W3C valid Joomla templates with our great
Oct 20, 2011
A Website is a reflection of one’s business. So, it is important to have a well designed and an attractive website. Further, it is also essential that the website be well-coded. PSD to CSS coding ensures that your website stands out from the crowd. Let’s find out what PSD to CSS Coding is all about. What is PSD to CSS Coding? CSS is a basically a coding language that helps you demonstrate the presentation texture of a file written in mark up languages like HTML or XHTML. PSD to CSS coding is all about separating the document content with elements of document presentation like color, font, style and layout. This is done to provide full